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About the country

Belize offers a competitive forex industry legislation framework, in a strong and highly regulated infrastructure. It is important to understand the necessary application procedures in place before you begin to acquire a Belize broker license. It is also important to have a thorough understanding of the regulatory body that issues Belize broker licenses. This will ensure that the Belize broker license procedure is carried out in compliance with the rules and regulations as laid out by Belize’s regulatory authority.

About Licensing Body (IFSC)

The following types of licenses can be of particular interest to forex brokers and traders:
  • Trading in Foreign Exchange (Forex, FX)
  • Trading in Financial Commodity-Based Derivative Instruments and Other Securities (futures, options, interest rates, shares, stock, contracts for differences etc.)
  • Brokerage, Consultancy and Advisory Services in any financial services
If you are engaged in:
  • International Asset Protection and Management
  • Money Transmission Services
  • Payment Processing Services
  • Money Brokering
  • Money Lending and Pawning
  • Money Exchange
  • Safe Custody Services

then a respective license for any of the said activities can also be applied for.

Our Process for Belize Forex Company Formation

  • Gathering and preparing all the documents, including due diligence.
  • Registration as Belize Company with paid up capital over $500,000. It also includes a specific company with 100,000 shares with virtual company address.
  • Submission of all required corporate documents and business plans to the IFSC in order to start with application of the process.
  • Account opening in a local bank for satisfying paid up capital requirements. support and provision of minor documents required during the process Deposit of funds at a local bank account in order to satisfy capital requirement for the IFSC.
  • Open a corporate A/C in EU bank for operational needs.
  • Submission of the letter from a local bank to the IFSC that the capital requirements are fulfilled.
  • Finalizing bank account opening in the EU bank and delivery of documents to the Client. Receipt of license from the IFSC and delivery of documents to the Client.

Advantages of incorporating a Company in Belize :

  • Low cost license fee in comparison to other jurisdictions.
  • Fast process (up to 6 weeks)
  • Option to open Belize offshore merchant account to the company
  • Belize IFSC license is considered as one of the more efficient forex regulated licenses.
  • It is well recognized by international banks, Payments providers, Platforms and financial institutions.

Documents Required

From the Client

  • Director’(s) or shareholder’(s) letter with bank account statement
  • Passport copy should be mandatorily notarized while the text should be in English language
  • The copy of educational degree certificate should be in English
  • Last 3-months utility bill (attached with original Copy)

Note: All of the documents should have 2 copies, 1st will be submitted to the IFSC, while another one will be duly submitted to the respective Bank for account-opening purpose

Related to the process

  • Application Form by IFSC, Belize
  • Bank application forms
  • ML Procedures
  • Business Plan
  • 5-year financial forecast
  • ffidavit of directors’ bio data
  • Balance sheet with forecast description
  • AML/CFT FAQ’s Declaration


  • 1. trademark applications, IP Agreements and Domain Name Registration;
  • 2. website preparation as well as the preparation or review of any other marketing material.
  • 3. assisting with the purchase and negotiations for an MT4 server or any other trading platform required
  • 4. assessment, review or testing of the entity’s proposed trading platform;
  • 5. assisting with the implementation of Know Your Customer (“KYC”) processes or other compliance procedures.

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