Over the past few years, we at Have Trade have followed a clearly defined process to help many start-up brokerage business firms to set up their business seamlessly.

Are you starting your own FX Brokerage business? If so! Worry not we got you covered as Have Trade helps you to grow your brokerage business seamlessly.

FXOD - The Best Forex CRM

CRM is often regarded as a vital part of any retail brokerage. Allowing you to manage your company’s interaction with current and future customers as well as gain a greater understanding of how to cater for your customer’s needs. Our best FX CRM can reduce staffing costs, improve efficiency and client retention.
  •    Sales Motivation

  •    Lead Splitting

  •    Full API
  •    Marketing

  •    Reporting

  •    Tickets
  •    Withdraw and Deposit

  •    Traders Room

  •    Unlimited Users
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Mobile Application for your CRM

We at Have Trade designed number one mobile CRM application for your FX brokerage business.

  •    Presence of various kinds of payment options like e-wallets and cryptocurrencies

  •    Integrated with automated KYC verification providers

  •    Automatic email notification about all client activities

  •    Tracking the balances of all client’s account

  •    Our FX CRM is integrated with MAM solution

MAM-Multi Asset Management

MAM is the most valuable asset your brokerage agency can have as it always has its own pool of investors. Our platform can help you meet the needs and requirements of the most sophisticated money managers.
  •    Activation-Deactivation

  •    All Fiat and Cryptocurrencies are supported

  •    Several master account for managing a pool of investors

  •    Manual and automatic mapping of symbols

  •    Create tailor-made MAM solutions for your clients

  •    A personal risk manager for every trader

Multi Level IB

Multi-level IB module creates multi-level hierarchical agent structure so that introducing brokers (IB) and the other agents will receive commission for trades performed by lower agents' levels. Thus, the limitation of single- level agent’s commission on MT4/MT5 can be overcome.
  •    Opportunity to customize pips/money/amount/percentage commissions

  •    The best suitable option for WL Brokers
  •    Multi Level Affiliate Programm

  •    Filters by groups, symbols and type of accounts
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MT4/MT5 WL Trading Platform:

MT4/5 WL trading platform is basically a complete brokerage infrastructure used by multiple brokerage firms across the globe. It is basically designed with aim to provide simplicity, transparency and modern design at a reasonable price. The platform leverages on innovative technologies to bring the best trading experience and branding possibilities.
Some of the key features of MT4/5 trading platform are as follows:
  •    Fully branded and Customized

  •    Wide ranges of instrument available

  •    A-Book and B-Book executions available
  •    Tools to support your business

  •    Low cost, transparent pricing

Some of the supported features of it are as follows:

  •    CRM

  •    Partner Manager
  •    PAMM

  •    Trader’s Room
  •    Cash Management

  •    Store
  •    Risk Management

  •    Customizable
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Forex license

Are you a start-up brokerage firm that is planning to start an FX brokerage business? If so! Thus, obtaining an FX brokerage license should be the first step you must follow to dive into the FX industry. A brokerage firm can only get a valid FX license if it abides by all the rules. Having a brokerage license of your own enables you to grow your brokerage business and earn a seamless commission from your client without any fuss. To obtain a FX brokerage license you need to follow these steps as follows:

  •    We register the company in the jurisdiction of your interest

  •    Open a bank account

  •    We prepare the business plan of the company for passing the procedures for an FX broker license

  •    We prepare all the documentation for AML and compliance with the procedures under the FX broker license

  •    At the same time, we select personnel of people for AML and compliance procedure under an FX broker license
  •    We open a merchant account for the brokerage firm

  •    We connect the payment system for working with VISA and Master Card

  •    We integrate the company’s website with payment systems, make the necessary policies for the site;

  •    We connect platform MT4, MT5; We receive a forex broker license;
  •    We deliver necessary documents for work.

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